Hello, welcome to Highbright Enterprise Limited. We are China most famous supermarket equipments supplier. With our years of experience and level of expertise in the retail business, we are here to help you achieve success as you embark on your retail business.


Do you want to open a supermarket, a grocery store or convenience store? We are here to help you maximize your business potential as we have spent years trying and testing basically every way to market products. Having mastered the art, we’re here to help you achieve your business goal which is making profit.


What we can do for you:


  1. We can help you design the best scientific store layout

As we continue the journey into the digital age of retail and branding, the mind of the consumer progressively evolves while shopping in order to avoid, as well as pay attention to, specific things during the experience—whether the individual realizes it or not.


The scientific layout has a significant role to play when it comes to the shopping decision of the consumer. In fact, the merchandise will sell itself when a store’s design is good, but when it’s not, even the best of products will end up sitting on your shelves gathering dust.


All you have to do is send us a store sketch, and we will provide you with a free 3D design of your store.


  1. We can export full set of supermarket equipment for you

One of the amazing reasons why we’ve continued to triumph today is because of our love for quality. We offer products like gondola shelving, shopping cart, checkout counter, shopping basket, and so on. With direct import from China and at pocket-friendly prices – I don’t think it can get any better.


Currently producing products for major brands on the international market, with an eye for detail and quality we are looking forward to maintaining the quality of our products and services.


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Our sales team is made up of educated sales men and women, full of experience and ready to give you a worthwhile shopping experience – from start to finish. Feel free to send us your inquiry and let’s get started.


It is imperative to note that a good retail store layout starts on paper, which is where you work out building specs, product placement, customer traffic flow, and much more. Thoughtful planning and design layouts let you explore options and create a supermarket layout that will encourage customers to browse and buy. This is what we offer and much more.


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