How to kickstart a Supermarket!!!!

Plan: First things first mate. You need to do a proper planning. Write down pages of questions, and then pages of answers. You don’t have a magic wand out of which abrakadabra you’ve a supermarket up and running. Planning should be divided into preliminary analysis, considering the current players and the availability of funds, and whether the project is at all feasible. Then the main planning. Store area. Size. Ofcourse , Highbright can handle all of that ,see how we make supermarket design. Employees. Working capital. Partners. Advertisement. Accounts team. Suppliers. Air conditioning. Incubators. Loans. Capital. Interiors. Exteriors. Everythibg should be penned down and charts should be made. Suggestions should be taken. Planning and Research go hand in hand. Truckload worth of research needs to be done. For that you need to appoint professionals who’ll do this for you.
Kick starting: Let the Games begin. Start with the name of the company with you’ll register your business. Once registered you can’t change it again and again although the option is always there. So choose the name. Trademark and register it and possibly register your trademark. As soon as that’s done you’re running a business, sort off.
Licensing: You’ll need a license to start your business and that is the reason you registered your company. Paperworks. Bribes. Everything. Welcome to the real world.
Place: Now you’ve a name to go by and the right to carry on business. This is not even the start. You need to open a big shop, you’ll need to select it. Common sense says you need to select it carefully based on the locality, population, popularity, average income in that area.
I am assuming that after you choose the place you automatically take into consideration the interiors, exteriors, furnitures, electricity, security from theft and fire, etcetra. Visit a competitor and take notes. And try to fit in your ideas on the base which you got. This gets the infrastructure covered.
Suppliers. Now you need contacts. You’ll keep 100s of products. And will need 100s of suppliers. Talk to people. Friendly competitor. Be friendly. Be inquisitive and observe. Call for tenders or brochures and choose one of them and DON’T FORGET TO SIGN AN AGREEMENT. MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING. Etc. Get a temporary lawyer for this.
Arranging the goods. Now you’ve cartons of good waiting at your doorstep and you don’t know what to do. You’ve to arrange the goods in such a way that its tempting. Irrestible. For the shoppers — Period. Same way don’t make it impossible for them to access goods, don’t put locks, instead put CCTV Cameras.
Employee Reliable Staff: You need people who’ll sale for you. Try to poach in sales manager from a supermarket by offering a lucrative pay. Accounts team should be strong.
Install Automated Machines for your cashiers
Train your employees
Advertisement: You need to make people aware about your new business. Distribute pamphlet. Send Messages. Organize events. Try to rope in a local celebrity to open the store.

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