Roll containers

Roll Containers | An Industrial Requirement


Invention is the mother of need, with this concept in mind, roll containers were introduced to make heavy object transportable. Roll Containers are most popular in industrial and logistic sectors for their assistance in carrying heavy objects. They are metal trollies with large bulk resistance and wheels to slide the packages from one place to the other. They are a flexible and cost-effective mean of transportation. Many stores and malls also use these to transport goods.


The main benefit of these is that a secure and contained metal frame takes all the heavy load and human labor is reduced. Whether it is the transportation of goods, parcel services, furniture stores or department stores, every sector is using roll containers as a mean for heavy lifting.

This service is most popular for all the sectors requiring assistance in transporting heavy objects or orders. Many other services are also provided according to customer need but the most basic is transportation of goods. In industrial plants, roll containers are modified by production units to make the equipment usable according to the industry’s work need.  Brake system, tension belts extra shelves and other additional equipment make optimization easy.  The jumbo sized trollies help contain up to 500-600 kg of load and also come with four wall containing designs to make moving objects easy and breakage free. Slingsby is a very popular company manufacturing high-quality heavy load containers for meeting every customer’s need. The company also provides with heavy-duty utensils for firm and solid usage. There are a variety of models to choose from while buying roll containers. Every product is manufactured in accordance with the customer’s requirements. The full side container is used for secure sensitive product transportation, whereas half-drop with four sides is an open unit for adding as much items possible. The containers also come with padlocks to secure all the added products and provide maximum protection in transporting goods. For on the go business products and intense heavy cargos lifting, these products are a gem and also a big money savers.


  • 1900mm 4 Sided A-Frame Roll Container
  • Full Security Nesting ‘A’ Frame Roll Container (Double Door)
  • Convenience roll cage (Zinc)
  • Fire work cage
  • Plastic Based Demountable Roll Container
  • 4 x Door Nesting Roll Container
  • 2 or 3 Sided Z Frame Roll Container


1900mm 4 Sided A-Frame Roll Container:

The container is 50mm x 50mm mesh construction with utmost security and locking mechanism. It is spacious with ample space for a lot of product storage. The A-frame features gives it foldability advantage for when the container is not in use.

Full Security Nesting ‘A’ Frame Roll Container (Double Door):

With the width of 735mm, depth 840mm, and height 1680mm the container is a large capacity unit to transport all the goods.


Convenience roll cage (Zinc):

This roll container has narrow design to make passing through normal sized doors easy and convenient. Foldable property to make containers convenient to store and save space. The container also has foam coated handles to protect hands. Represnt by China Roll Container


Many others options are also available while choosing this product. This equipment saves time and human labor and is a great device for heavy duty work.